SCRIBE: Wednesday October 11, 2017


  • Current Events: (1) North Korean Cyber Attack Attempt; (2) Cloning Artifacts; (3) CA Wildfires
  • Period 3:
    • Handed out Culture Unit Study Guide due at the beginning of class Thursday
    • Current Events Quiz #5Thursday October 12th
    • Culture Unit Study GuideThursday/Friday October 12/13


  • Current Event: CA Wildfires
  • Periods 4, 6, 7:
    • Periods 4 & 7: Socratic Seminar
    • Period 6: Discussed and completed a graphic organizer for Introversion, Extroversion and Ambiversion – turned in the four corresponding rhetorical triangles
      • Shared the Synthesis Essay Prompt (see below). Prepare your response for the upcoming Socratic Seminar which will be on Monday
        • SYNTHESIS ESSAY PROMPT: In a culture where we are bombarded with ideas and images of “what we should be”, how does one form an identity that remains true and authentic for her/himself? You must use a minimum of three sources from the list provided. Remember to attribute both direct and indirect citations. Refer to the sources by authors’ last names or by titles. Avoid mere summary or paraphrase.
          • Cofer, Judith Ortiz. “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria”
          • Theroux, Paul. “Being a Man”
          • Cain, Susan. “Must Great Leaders Be Gregarious?” NYTimes
          • Bernstein, Elizabeth. “Why Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs” WSJ
          • Bernstein, Elizabeth. “Not an Introvert, Not an Extrovert? You May Be An Ambivert”
          • Rauch, Jonathan “Caring For Your Introvert” The Atlantic
          • Dishman, Lydia “Enough About Introverts: Mastering the Way to Work with Extroverts”
          • Reiner, Andrew “Teaching Men to be Emotionally Honest” – NYTimes
          • Berlatsky, Noah “When Men Experience Sexism” – The Atlantic
          • Christakis, Erika. “Why Are Women Bias Against Other Women”
          • Burket, Elinor. “What Makes a Woman?” The New Yorker
          • Sanders, Scott Russell. “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”.
          • “The Danger of a Single Story”, TED talk, Chimamanda Adichie
          • “We Should All Be Feminists”, Chimamanda Adichie
          • “The Mask of Masculinity”, Connor Beaton
          • “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders” Sheryl Sandberg
      • Vocab #5 & Roots #2B QuizThursday/Friday October 12/13
      • Period 6: Prep for Socratic Seminar Monday October 16
      • Synthesis Essay (in-class)Monday/Tuesday October 16/17

“The key to finding our way is to forever remain curious. Start the engine of curiosity and be infinitely fueled to live a fulfilling life.”