SCRIBE: Wednesday December 6, 2017


  • Current Event: Russia & the 2018 Olympics
  • Periods 1 & 3:
    • Finished Section 4 Questions (below). Students turned in answers to the following questions:
      • ■What kind of society did early socialists want?

        ■What were Adam Smith’s three natural laws of economics?

        ■Why did workers join together to form unions?

        ■Why did the labor reform movement spread to other areas of life?

    • Handed out Study Guide on The Industrial Revolution – due Monday December 11th
    • Current Events Quiz #12Thursday/Friday December 7/8
    • Industrial Revolution Study Guide Monday December 11th
    • Industrial Revolution TestTuesday/Wednesday December 12/13


  • Current Events: (1) Russia & the 2018 Olympics; (2) Time’s Person of the Year
  • Periods 2 & 6:
    • Period 2:
      • Finished Iron Jawed Angelsturned in T-chart.
      • Viewed two videos (Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance & the parody of Bad Romance with Women’s Suffrage) see below – turned in triangle for the parody version

  • Assigned homework: Read “I Have a Dream”, rhetorical triangle & annotations – due next class period.
  • Period 6:
    • Discussed “I Have a Dream” speech. Students turned in the rhetorical triangle. 
    • Shared Synthesis Essay prompt: 
      • Prompt: What is the individual’s duty to his/her government? What is the government’s duty to the individual?  In an essay that synthesizes and uses for support at least three of the readings from this unit, discuss the obligations of individuals and government within a society.  Remember to attribute both direct and indirect citations.  Refer to the sources by authors’ last names or by titles.  Avoid mere paraphrase or summary.
        • (A) Henry, Patrick. “Speech in the Virginia Convention”
        • (B) Rockwell, Norman. The Problem We All Live With
        • (C) Jefferson, Thomas. The Declaration of Independence.
        • (D) Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions.
        • (E) Lincoln, Abraham. The Gettysburg Address.
        • (F) Kelley, Florence. “Speaks Out on Child Labor and Woman Suffrage”.
        • (G) King, Martin Luther. “I Have A Dream”
        • (H) Iron Jawed Angels
        • (I) “The Parson’s Cause” painting
      • Assigned: Prepare for the Socratic SeminarMonday December 11th – addressing the above prompt. Essay will be Tuesday/Wednesday December 12/13
    • Vocab #11 & Roots #5A QuizThursday/Friday December 7/8
    • Read “I Have a Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and complete a rhetorical triangle and annotationsdue next class period
    • Prepare for the Socratic Seminar addressing the prompt above – Seminars will take place Monday & Tuesday December 11/12


“The key to finding our way is to forever remain curious. Start the engine of curiosity and be infinitely fueled to live a fulfilling life.”