SCRIBE: Thursday October 19, 2017

~Boardman, Oregon~


  • Current Events: (1) Spanish Government & the Nuclear Option; (2) Kenya’s Upcoming Election
  • Period 3:
    • Finished “Types of Government” Notes
    • Answer the following questions (using your “Types of Government” notes) – due next class period
      • 1.What are the four characteristics of a democracy and include examples displayed in the United States of each.
      • 2.What characteristics of autocracy distinguish it from other forms of government? In our world today, describe one country that is under totalitarian dictatorship in which the people believe the government has broken the social contract. How have the people responded to this broken contract
    • Current Events Quiz #6Friday October 20th
    • “Types of Government” QuestionsFriday/Monday October 20/23



  • Current Event: Young Children & Screen Time
  • Periods 4,6,7:
    • Periods 4 & 7:
      • Took Vocab #6 & Roots #3A Quiz
    • Period 6:
      • Viewed Powerpoint about how to “Successfully Take AP Language Multiple Choice Quizzes”
      • Took Multiple Choice Quiz (if you were absent, you will need to come in during office hours to complete the 10 minute quiz)
        • Revisions are due in 1o school days in the excused basket
    • Vocab #6 & Roots #3A QuizFriday October 20th

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