SCRIBE: Friday January 19, 2018

~Geierlay, Mörsdorf, Germany~


  • Current Events: (1) Water Shortage in Cape Town; (2) UK-France Summit
  • Periods 1 & 3:
    • Took Current Events Quiz #16
    • Period 1:
      • Worked on and Turned in Questions for Section 5 (see below):
        • ■What changes took place in Southeast Asia as a result of colonial rule?

          ■Why did some groups believe that the United States should colonize like the Europeans?

          ■How did the reforms of the Siamese kings help Siam remain independent?

          ■Which Western power (U.S. Britain, France, etc.) do you think had the most negative impact on its colonies? Explain.

    • Period 3:
      • Continued to work on the Imperialism Activity – due Thursday/Friday January 25/26
    • Imperialism Activity – due Thursday/Friday January 25/26
    • FINAL, Imperialism Unit Test view SHS’s calendar to see when your final takes place during finals week


  • Current Event: Water Shortage in Cape Town
  • Periods 2 & 6:
    • Took Vocab #14 & Roots #6A Quiz
    • Turned in rhetorical triangles for articles about Hamilton 
    • Assigned “Black Men in Public Spaces” (find it in your unit packet), rhetorical triangle and annotations – due next class period
    • All excused and late work must be turned in by Friday January 19th (all make-up quizzes, etc. completed by Thursday January 18th)
    • Read, Annotate and complete a Rhetorical Triangle for “Black Men in Public Spaces” – due next class period – Monday/Tuesday January 22/23
    • Follow a Columnist analytical essay (in-class)next Wednesday/Thursday January 24/25
    • FINAL VOCAB & ROOTSCheck Finals Week Schedule

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