SCRIBE: Friday December 15, 2017


  • Current Event: Net Neutrality
  • Period 1:
    • Took Current Events Quiz #13
    • Handed by Industrial Revolution Exams
    • Have an amazing weekend ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Current Events: (2nd period) Sleep & Memory; 4 & 7 – Net Neutrality
  • Periods 2, 4, 7:
    • Took Vocab #12 Quiz
    • Assigned Act I of The Crucibledue Tuesday/Wednesday December 19/20 (click the link to read or check out a textbook in the library)
    • Read Act I, The Crucible (annotations) โ€“ due Tuesday/Wednesday December 19/20
    • Finish reading, annotations and finding the answer to the handout as shared above,The Crucible (Acts 2,3,4) โ€“ due Monday/Tuesday January 8/9 (find the entire online text here or pick up a textbook in the library)

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